About Robert Milan LCSW

Robert Milan, LCSW has over 30 years of clinical experience as a psychotherapist and marital & family therapist in Greensboro, NC, the last 23 years of which has been in full time private practice. He has a master's degree in Clinical Social Work from Florida State University and additional post graduate training in Child Development and Family Relations at UNC-Greensboro. Mr. Milan draws upon training and experience in numerous approaches to psychotherapy to design a treatment plan that is geared to each client's individual needs. But Mr. Milan believes that therapy is a collaborative process, in which the client plays an active part in determining treatment goals and assessing outcomes. Even more important than the specific therapy techniques used is the quality of the therapeutic relationship. Mr. Milan relies upon the establishment of a trusting, safe, and authentic relationship with each client, in which the client is always treated with respect and dignity. It is this safe and accepting environment that paves the way for honest and open discussion of life's most sensitive issues. Always conducted with complete confidentiality, this process elicits the client's own inner healing resources, which, in conjunction with Mr. Milan's expert and compassionate guidance can result in healing and unlimited personal growth. Please contact Robert Milan, LCSW to learn more about the psychotherapy and counseling services provided. Even in life's darkest moments, there is always hope. Always.

Robert Milan


Phone: (336) 378-1200

Robert Milan is an experienced psychotherapist with many years of experience in treating patients in the Greensboro, Winston Salem and High Point area.