OCD will affect 2.5%-3% of the population, with symptoms ranging from mild to disabling, and can severely impact not only individuals with OCD, but their loved ones as well. Mr. Milan has 30 years experience using cognitive behavior therapy to treat OCD and related disorders, such as hoarding, compulsive hair pulling and skin picking. Mr. Milan has presented many workshops and seminars on OCD not only throughout North Carolina, but in many areas of the U.S. This includes several presentations at annual conferences of the International Obsessive Compulsive Foundation, of which Mr. Milan is a professional member.


Sexual Addictions

With the advent of online pornography, the frequency of sexual addictions has exploded and has often decimated the lives of individuals and families. Sexual addiction can take many forms, including online pornography, chat rooms, sexting, phone sex, promiscuity, visiting prostitutes, having affairs and one-night stands. Mr. Milan has specialized training and experience in treating those suffering from sexual addiction in individual and couples therapy, and sexual addiction group therapy.


Group Therapy

Group psychotherapy, either alone, or in combination with individual therapy, is often a very effective treatment for a wide variety of problems. In the confidential group setting, clients are able to develop trusting relationships with others, who are undergoing similar problems. They can then share their problems, thoughts and feelings with other group members and receive feedback, encouragement, support and validation. The impact can be very healing. Group members also find that being able help others in the group is very therapeutic. Mr. Milan has been conducting therapy groups for over 30 years. The groups he has conducted have included groups for: ocd, anxiety disorders (including social anxiety, panic attacks, generalized anxiety), sexual addictions, depression, adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, compulsive hair pulling, bipolar and schizo-affective disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, post traumatic stress, adolescent groups and adult personal growth groups. For a list, description and meeting times of Mr. Milan's current groups, he can be contacted at 336-378-1200 or by email at bobmilan@triad.rr.com.


Who Are We

Robert Milan, LCSW is a private psychotherapy and counseling practice located in Greensboro, NC. In addition to the Greensboro area, clients are often seen from the neighboring locales of Winston-Salem, High Point, and Burlington, as well as other areas of North Carolina and southern Virginia. Mr. Milan has over 30 years of clinical experience providing psychotherapy and counseling services to clients with a wide range of problems. All psychotherapy and counseling services are provided with complete confidentiality, care, respect and non-judgment. It is our mission to provide the most pragmatic and effective solutions to mental, emotional and behavioral difficulties in the most efficient manner possible.

At Robert Milan, LCSW, you can rest assured that you will leave with an enhanced sense of self and hope for the future, regardless of your mental health condition, social issue or physical health problem. Mr. Milan accepts most health insurance plans and will be happy to file your health insurance claims for services provided.

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What We Do

Robert Milan, LCSW provides individual psychotherapy, group therapy, and marital & family therapy for adults, geriatrics, and adolescents. He also provides Employee Assistance services through a number of Employee Assistance plans. Mr. Milan has training and experience in a variety of treatment modalities, including cognitive behavior therapy, humanistic therapies, psychodynamic therapy, family systems therapy, clinical hypnosis, eye movement desensitization & reprocessing (EMDR), energy diagnostic & treatment methods, and mindfulness/meditation approaches to therapy. Treatment methods are selected and tailored to each individual's unique needs to facilitate the best possible treatment outcome. Areas of clinical expertise include ocd, oc spectrum disorders (including compulsive hair pulling, skin picking & hoarding), anxiety disorders (including panic attacks, agoraphobia, generalized anxiety, social anxiety and specific phobias), depression, sexual addictions, marital & family problems, anger issues, job stress, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress, women's issues, GLBT issues, stress-related disorders, and adult survivors of childhood sexual, physical & emotional abuse.

Please contact Robert Milan, LCSW today to discuss your situation or that of a loved one. You are not alone, and Mr. Milan is here to provide care, support, and sound therapeutic counsel so that you can move on with your life and start anew.

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